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Shelley Tourangeau

Shelley Tourangeau has spent her whole life in Fort McMurray since the day she was born, as this is and has always been “home.”  When running errands around town, it’s inevitable that she’ll bump into family or friends, as she has a large network of people who are all sure to say wonderful things about her.  Being a woman of faith, she believes in treating people as she would like to be treated; with dignity and respect, and demonstrates these ethics when working with her clients as an Associate Broker at Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty.

Shelley Tourangeau, Real Estate Agent, Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty

Shelley has been with this community through many years of growth and change.  Her ability to adapt to change is one of the reasons why she continues to call Fort McMurray “home.”  She has seen Fort McMurray at its low times and its highs.  In her family alone, five generations have lived here and made this community their home, and three of those generations were born and raised here.  This is quite an accomplishment for someone in her early 40’s, which means she has over 40 years of growth and experience within this community.  She knows this community so well, her husband once blindfolded her and drove her around for 30 minutes trying to surprise her and not give away the destination, but unfortunately for him she knew every turn, every road, and every location. In her 40+ plus years, she has attended numerous schools in this community, lived in many different neighbourhoods, and can share many stories on the change that has taken place within them.

While growth and change are a good thing and a vital aspect to a booming community, Shelley is able to reminisce on what is was like to be a small town, where doors were always left open, neighbours were your friends, and life was at a slower pace.  While these memories will always hold a place in her heart; she feels blessed to have been where she was, where she is today, and where plans to go in the future.  She is grateful every day to be working in this community and to be working for her clients!


Shelley has a fascination for helping people, which has led her to pursue a number of other designations as a licensed Mortgage Broker with Mortgages For Less, Motivational Trainer, Speaker, and Life Coach.  All of these career paths are about assisting others with something they need, and it gives her great satisfaction to be able to use her knowledge and personality towards the betterment of people’s lives.


She recently pursued training to become a Certified Negotiation Expert with The Nature of Real Estate.  In her profession as a licensed REALTOR®, this gives her a competitive edge when working with buyers and sellers.  She is efficient at ensuring her clients’ needs are met in a timely fashion, and has earned personal achievement awards in her respective professions. 
When Shelley isn’t working to positively impact the lives of the individuals she works with, she is working to help adolescent mothers in our community.  As the Founding Director of A Safe Haven For Adolescent Mothers (ASHFAM), an adolescent crisis pregnancy facility in Fort McMurray, she’s busy working on external outreach services for the adolescent mothers, and to raise funds for the organization’s facility.
Shelley has a heart for the people she works with and builds personal relationships with all of them.  Her clients become lifelong friends, and the relationships built surpass every real estate transaction.  

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