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Obviously, not all home sellers have the same needs. Then why do so many real estate companies insist on the “one shoe fits all” philosophy? With Seller Direct® you’re in control. While your property is listed on the MLS® System, you chose the level of service you require and only pay for the services you need. Combine the advantages of a REALTOR® and for sale by owner.

Here’s how the Seller Direct® program works…


Custom Fit Real Estate

Through all the marketing we do, our goal is to attract unrepresented buyers directly to your home. When an unrepresented buyer contacts us about your property, we give YOU the first option to show them your home. After all, who knows your home better than you?

You show the buyer through the home but don't discuss any details like price, terms, conditions, etc... If they have questions about the home itself or the neighbourhood or closest schools, you can absolutely answer those!

If they buyer chooses to purchase your home without using any other REALTOR® and you were the one who first showed them through (either through a showing or by hosting your own Open House), then you SAVE 50% on negotiated commissions!

Not interested in showing your home or hosting your own Open House? No problem, we'll gladly handle that for you. If we bring a buyer your way who isn't working with another REALTOR®, you'll still SAVE 15% on negotiated commissions.

This gives our clients the ability to benefit from savings while still being fully represented by a licensed REALTOR® the whole way through.

Request a FREE, no obligation, property evaluation


We’d be pleased to arrange a FREE, no obligation property evaluation.  

Selling a home in Fort McMurray or Lac La Biche surrounding area? Call us at (780) 747-8372 to get started!

Selling a home in the Edmonton & surrounding area? Call us at (780) 638-4800 to get started!


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