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Kristal McCoy

After growing up in the East Coast, Kristal made the move to Manitoba in 2012. She then went on to experience Saskatchewan and then back to Manitoba until the final move to Alberta in 2015. Kristal and her partner Chris had always planned on continuing their travels however, Alberta just felt right and so they chose to make Edmonton, Alberta their home away from home.

Since leaving the beautiful Maritimes, Kristal has had the pleasure of growing her family and becoming a mom to three children. She also has two pups and a cat that are part of their family. In 2020, Kristal and her family purchased and built their first home in southeast Edmonton where they currently reside and are raising their growing family.

Family is very important to Kristal and moving was difficult, but they have made it work. She maintains friendships and stays in regular contact with her family back home and throughout her travels. She has also built a network of close friends that are like her second family in Edmonton and is grateful for each of them.

Prior to pursing a career as a real estate agent, Kristal had a career as a legal administrative assistant, working in real estate and then in personal injury law. During her career she developed many
relationships and became close contacts with many others in various fields surrounding hers. It was also during that time that she developed an interest in becoming a real estate agent. She had always found real estate to be intriguing but had put it off and focused on her current career. Once her family started the process and began hunting for a home of their own is when her interest became so strong that she couldn't ignore it for much longer. She found the entire process to be exciting and the thought of helping others do the same seemed like it would be incredibly fulfilling. One day, she had a long conversation with a fellow colleague at the law firm who encouraged her to pursue her dreams and the rest is history. When she discussed the possibility with her partner, they both agreed that it would be a very rewarding career and decided to go for it together as a team.

In her free time, she spends most of her time with family and friends. She loves to travel, whether it's a longer vacation back home or even just a quick weekend away. There is just something about experiencing new places and trying new things that brings her joy. Kristal also spends a lot of her summers camping with family and friends. She enjoys being able to disconnect and just enjoy the company of one another. She also takes pleasure in reading novels, having living room movie nights, playing board games and helping others.

Her dedication, work ethic, and never-ending energy has been the backbone of her success. She cares deeply about others and their happiness, is always willing to lend a helping hand, and takes pride in her understanding and kind nature. Kristal looks forward to helping others in their real estate needs and building long-term relationships along the way.

Kristal McCoy, Real Estate Agent, Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty

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