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Julie Waine-Caza

Julie Waine-Caza was born and raised on a farm in Valleyview, a small town in Northern Alberta. Her parents and older brother and sister raised horses and cattle, her dad worked winters away, and she and her mom fed the cows and looked after the farm while he was away. This was an early demonstration of the work ethic she hoped to one day exemplify.


After graduating High School, she was a bit of a gypsy and moved around Alberta and Northern British Columbia until settling in the Calgary area where she started her family and stayed for nearly a decade. Growing up, she was either
playing school sports or exercising horses for High School rodeo, a passion that is still very close to her heart today.

Julie moved to Fort McMurray in 2019 and resides here with her husband and 3 children Gracyn, Hadin and Nova, now all in sports of their own, which definitely keeps her on her toes and busy. She was raised to be very family-oriented and has carried that through to her own family, doing her best to make lasting and meaningful memories. Along with the 3 kids she also has a Cane Corso named Fiona and a Bangle named Ayla.


Julie's husband Noel works as an electrician in Fort
McMurray. As a family they enjoy skiing and rollerblading both with their kids and just the two of them. When time allows her to, she loves riding her horse CiCi and barrel racing, which helps keep her grounded and focused on her goals.

Before becoming a licensed REALTOR®, Julie completed the office administration program and helped with the bookkeeping in a small family run company. She always wanted to become a Real Estate Agent but never took the plunge until the opportunity was presented to her serendipitously.

Julie prides herself on being loyal, honest and dependable, which she believes are the main building blocks to becoming successful. She is always eager to continue learning and growing both personally and professionally, and never shies away from a new challenge. Julie and her family purchased their first home this past year with Diana Noble, Owner/Broker of Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty, and looks forward to providing the same great service her family received to her own clients. She has really grown to love Fort
McMurray and all the different communities it has to offer. She looks forward to providing a small-town service feel in this big beautiful community.

Julie Waine-Caza, Real Estate Agent, Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty

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