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What Does Your Home Smell Like?

Good or bad, scents are everywhere and your home is no exception! A picture can tell a thousand words and make a great first impression, but a bad smell can create a lasting impression! This is exactly why when selling your home, it's important to de-clutter, de-personalize, AND de-scent! Here are a few simple rules to de-scenting your home: 1. The obvious starting point is to clean your house, as scents can linger due to garbage, clutter and the like. 2. If you smoke in your home, STOP immediately and clean your house again. Smoke is a scent that clings to everything in your home, so you will need to go above and beyond with this cleaning, no matter how clean you keep your home. You may also want to consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint, which may help dissipate the smell of smoke. 3. If you have pets, think about the scents they leave. Cat litter boxes, fish tanks, pet food etc… can leave some unwanted odours. You probably clean these often, but if you’re selling your home, now is the time to double up on that schedule. While you might love your little furry family, not everyone will. During viewings and open houses, it's a great idea to take all your pets with you, if possible, along with their beds, toys and food dishes. Understandably, this isn’t always easy, so if you can't take them with you, try putting your pets and their accessories in one location, such as the garage or basement. 4. Cooking...well you still have to eat, but make sure you are aware of the scents you are cooking up. If you have a viewing in the next day or so, today might not be the best time to have a fish fry. 5. No Garbage allowed! Every time you have a showing or open house, take the garbage out. Even if you don't have dirty diapers in your life, you don't want a rotten banana peel ruining your showing. 6. No buyer has ever complained that a house smelled too clean, so prior to a viewing or open house, make sure you do an extra cleaning with some nice smelling cleaning solutions. 7. Fresh air is always a bonus if the air outside smells fresh, so open the windows and air out your home. If your neighbour's BBQ smoke comes through your kitchen window, however, then it might be an idea to keep it closed. 8. Finally, scented candles, scented wax burners and oil diffusers can be an amazing tool to help make your home inviting, just don't over-do it! Stick to one scent and make sure it's not too overwhelming. Fruity scents are great option, as most people aren’t allergic to apple pie or blueberry crumble and they’re not overpowering. Remember, don't take offence when your REALTOR® tells you about an unwanted scent in your home. Your REALTOR® wants the same result you do – to get your home SOLD!

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