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Marketing Your Home

When trying to sell your home, marketing plays a big role in getting the job done. If your home is listed for sale but prospective buyers can’t find it or if the listing is missing important details that might attract a buyer, chances are that your home will be overlooked. The term “marketing” is incredibly broad in nature and encompasses a variety of different methods and mediums to ensure your home is showcased to buyers on the hunt for a new home. When interviewing a REALTOR® to list your home, it’s important to find out what do they do to market your home, and if they’re willing to put it in writing. Specific questions in regards to a REALTORS® marketing plan might include:

* What kind of photos do they take? Professional-quality photos or cell phone photos? * Are custom feature sheets designed to highlight all the details of your property? * Do they do virtual tours or videos of your home? * How often will they host open houses? * Will there be radio ads for your home? * Is there a 24/7 phone number that buyers can call from the sign to find out information about your home? * How much social media presence will your home have and on which platforms? * Do they do 3D tours of your home? * How many websites will your home be featured on, other than the MLS® * Will your home be advertised in any print publications? When listing your home for sale, especially in a difficult market, it’s important to ensure that your home will be seen by as many buyers as possible, and that the impression buyers will have of your home will be positive. It’s also important that whatever kind of marketing plan the REALTOR® proposes for your property, that they put it in writing so that, as a seller, you can follow up on this should the promises not come to fruition. At Seller Direct® Fort McMurray, we are proud to announce that we have just added an exciting new feature to our marketing plan for all homes listed with our Brokerage: 3D tours! Buyers can now walk through your home as if they were there in person, right from the comfort of their own living room, so they have a realistic view of all your home’s great features. We have added this great new marketing tool to our extensive list of ways in which we market each and every home listed with us. Give us a call today to get the Seller Direct® advantage working for you!

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