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Jolene Gunn

Jolene Gunn moved to Fort McMurray in 2005 from Grande Prairie, but her roots are from a small fishing town on the Northern Peninsula, Main Brook, Newfoundland. These roots instilled in her core the values of honesty, hard work, and loyalty. She says, “Mama didn’t raise no quitter, and she sure as heck didn’t let me get by without doing my share.”  Her mom also taught her where her moral compass should be and how valuable a person’s heart is.

Her father always taught her that there’s nothing that can’t be done. He always had a positive spin on everything and believes that if there is even a chance to make something work, you can and you will.  Throughout her childhood, she watched her father construct full homes and had an interest in real estate from an early age.


She purchased her first mobile home when she was 18 and renovated this home and used as a rental for quite some time.  She sold it a few years later and doubled her money and continued the cycle with another home holding onto it for 12 years. The home she is in now she made into a rental property, obtaining necessary permits and approvals to add the legal basement suite.


She has always been passionate about real estate and has flipped a few homes of her own coming out with a lucrative profit and reaping the benefits of the seeds she had sewn. She is the girl who constantly watches home decor and home flipping shows on a regular occurrence.

Jolene lives in Fort McMurray with her two beautiful boys.  She worked in the oil sands for 14 years in a number of positions including end area tubular pipe inspection, non-destructive testing, pipe rethread and repair, to labourer, operator, scaffolder, and EHS advisor, to name a few.  When she became pregnant with her first child, she chose to transition into the career of real estate agent, also obtaining her Canadian Staging Professional designation to compliment her real estate career.

Jolene takes pride in real estate and sees the value in helping her clients find their perfect home, a place they will feel like putting down their roots.  Give her a call today to discuss your real estate goals with her.


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