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Joelle Fraser-McGaghey

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Joelle naturally chose the University of New Brunswick for her post-secondary education and graduated in 2000 with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.  She wasn't quite sure she was on the right path, and this led her to seek out a career in anything that would make her happy. She has always found herself in some type of customer service or sales job, but nothing up until this point stuck with her.  

Ready for a change, she and her husband made the trek across Canada to Fort McMurray in 2005. Like most people who head to Northern Alberta, they were here on a 2 year plan, then a 5 year plan, and now, 15 years later, it's just HOME!  Not knowing anyone when they first moved here, they took the first available rental they could find, which turned out to be in Abasand.  Joelle fell in love with the area and refused to move anywhere else.  Both of the homes they’ve purchased in Fort McMurray have been in Abasand, and Joelle likes to refer to herself as an “Abasand Girl”, and her kids are definitely “Abasand kids.”


Joelle first began her real estate career in 2007 working with ComFree.  It was a part-time job, but she quickly fell in love with the world of real estate and helping people move on to the next step of their lives.  In 2011, as one of the company's top employees, she was approached to begin her licensing process for the company’s big change into a legitimate real estate brokerage. In 2013, she was finally licensed with the Real Estate Council of Alberta to help people buy and sell their homes.


In 2016 Joelle received a text message off of a Kijiji ad she posted asking "if I keep my options open."  Like any good businesswoman, she had to check out the competition so responded “yes!”  She met with Diana Noble, Owner/Broker for a coffee shortly before the wildfire.  At the time, Joelle wasn't sure how much time she had left in real estate as she just didn't have the same love for her job that she once did. She told Diana at that time that she would think about joining her team and let her know when she was ready for a change.  Joelle continued to work with ComFree until the "Beast" turned her family’s lives in Fort McMurray upside down.  When they finally returned to Fort McMurray in the fall of 2016, she contacted Diana as she was ready for that change.  She was ready to give her clients the best possible options when selling their home.  She joined the Seller Direct team in the fall of 2016 and hasn’t looked back.  


Joelle loves working with the team at Seller Direct® Northern Homes Realty and providing her clients with the best possible service.  She has found her love for real estate once again and enjoys being able to do her children’s school drop offs and pick ups, volunteer at their school as Parent Council Communication Coordinator, watch her son’s hockey games, take her daughter to play dates, and partner with her husband in his business at World Financial Group.  In her spare time, she even gets to do a little baking!


Whether she is negotiating with another REALTOR® on a deal, or with one of her kids, her psychology degree gets put to good use on a daily basis!



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