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Chris White

Chris White was born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick with his parents and two sisters. After graduating high school, he worked several different jobs anywhere from sales to construction, trying to find something he enjoyed doing. He eventually attended community college to become an automotive service technician.

After struggling to find a good place to get his experience hours, he decided that working on cars would be better as a hobby. Soon after that he was on his way to Winnipeg, Manitoba to try his
hand at siding. He knew he loved being outside and could not sit behind a desk full time, so this seemed like a good fit. And it was! He loved his new job.


After 3 years of gaining experience in the siding trade and welcoming his first child, Denica, he started moving around to all the western provinces doing siding on commercial buildings trying to work his way across the country to B.C where he and his family thought they wanted to live. That is, until they arrived in Edmonton where they fell in love with the life they built there. Soon after arriving in Edmonton, he welcomed his second child, Brody.

Chris continued doing siding for many different companies until he decided to start his own company in 2018 doing residential and commercial siding. During his siding career, he gained many a variety of skills beyond just the proper installation of building envelope systems and different siding products. He excelled at managing commercial sites where he had to communicate with various parties doing the siding to keep them installing, reading the blueprints to make sure the job was being done properly, and
keeping the jobs on schedule.

Apart from working, Chris also loves spending time with his friends and family. Some of his hobbies include camping, quadding, skiing, hiking and pretty much anything outdoors. He and his family also love to travel and experience new places. If they don’t have a lot going on you will find them driving around looking at nice properties, walking the dogs, or just hanging out at the home they built in 2020.

During Chris’ siding career, he was involved in many home renovation projects, working with clients to help them fall in love
with their homes all over again! This played a big role in why he decided to become a Real Estate Agent to assist people in finding their dream homes. It also doesn’t hurt that he loves looking around at all the different style of homes out there. Most importantly, he will get to help people as a career.

Chris’ outgoing personality makes him a great communicator and a real people person. It won't take long to notice that people who come into Chris’ life casually often end up becoming long time friends. He is a kind-hearted person who genuinely cares about people and their well-being. He's someone you can count on
if you need help moving or building something, or simply just someone to talk to. He works very hard in every aspect of his life and is a strong believer in treating people how you want to be treated.

Chris White, Real Estate Agent, Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty

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